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Release Date | Name | Tinning Machine Winding Constant Linear Velocity Solution

Technical Requirements:

  1. When the winding speed increases, the unwinding speed should also increase accordingly;
  2. When the winding speed decreases, the unwinding speed should also decrease accordingly;
  3. When stable operation is achieved at a specific speed, the swing link on the feed reel should also remain stable;
  4. If wire loosens or breaks, the feed reel should be able to automatically roll back;

 (sensitive speed response)。

The above requirements are all fulfilled by the PID functions of the frequency converter, which is required to have an extremely sensitive speed response.

System Solution:

  • The MD320 frequency converter is flexible in combining frequency sources. There are 10 choices for main and auxiliary frequencies, which can also be combined in main/aux, main/(main+aux) and aux/(main+aux) frequency switch modes.
  • To meet the requirements of frequency converters for power feed reels, the Inovance MD320 chooses the frequency source as main+aux. With a combination of a main frequency of 0 and an auxiliary frequency of PID, a bidirectional reversible control of the PID can be realized. For specific connection, see the diagram.
  • The frequency converter uses an open-loop vector control method with a short connection of AI1, AI1 and GND for the main frequency source (main set at 0) and an auxiliary frequency source of PID, which means the PID can be bidirectional.


System Advantages:

In practical application, the response of the Inovance MD320 frequency converter is very sensitive to speed and performs excellently in responding quickly to speed chasing and loose or reverse lines, fully satisfying the needs of customers.