Input Voltage: Single Phase 220V, Three Phase 380V

Power Capacity (kVA): 1~630

Input Current (A): 5.4~883

Output Current (A): 2.3~752/820

Appropriate Motor: (kW): 0.4~400/450

Customer Requirements:

Equipment production is continually upgraded, creating more requirements for electrical control systems. For instance, industries like textile machinery, plastics machinery, heat exchange units, ceramic machinery, air compressors, which have made demands for compactibility of electronic control system structures, the separate installation of heat sources and electronic parts as well as highly integrated dedicated machinery.

The MD-KFJ Series of Frequency Converters uses an entirely new installation method with the following characteristics:

  • Super-thin design, saving 30% space in width
  • Separator installation, completely separating heat sources and electronic systems
  • Semi-naked casing, allowing for industry-specific development

Explanation of Model Names:

“KFJ” (KFJ – open structure) has been added to the standard Inovance MD series label.

For instance, the model name MD320T55G-KFJ refers to an MD320 series open-structure 55KW frequency converter. The functions of this frequency converter are exactly the same as the standard MD320 series, but there are differences in the installation method, external dimensions and appearance.