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Date | 2015.04.08Topic | Suzhou Monarch Holds the Elevator Product Seminar in Zhengzhou

Suzhou Monarch Control Technology Co., Ltd. held the Elevator Product Seminar at Fangzhengyuan Jinjiang International Hotel in Zhengzhou, Henan on March 20. Senior executives from elevator leaders in Henan, scholars and customers were invited to witness strong performance and successful application of Monarch’s products.

The seminar started at 9:15 AM. The seminar marked Suzhou Monarch’s first presence in the Henan elevator market. General manager of Suzhou Monarch Mr. Feng Cuntao and officials from Henan Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Test addressed the gathering. Mr. Feng briefed the guests on Monarch’s remarkable performance in the elevator industry: integrated controllers and drives have been applied on more than 700,000 elevators, serving more than 100 million passengers every day. Henan elevator market has been growing rapidly. The annual increase in the number of elevators in Henan accounts for 8% of the national aggregate. To provide better services and user experience, Suzhou Monarch will continue explore end customers’ needs.

During the seminar, product managers from Suzhou Monarch introduced the NICE9000 high-speed elevator and UCMP elevator car accidental move monitoring solutions as well as WETON’s sensors and encoder. They also introduced technical know-how and commissioning method of the products as well as the development background and benefits of elevator IOT. Elevator safety issue has attracted increasing attention as related policies have been released, urging upgrade of old elevators. With extensive experience in the elevator upgrade market, Monarch will deliver reliable quality and guaranty for customers/.

The seminar strengthened the tie between Suzhou Monarch and Henan elevator industry and built an excellent platform for cooperation. In the future, Suzhou Monarch will continue providing better services and support for the Henan elevator market.



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