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Date | 2014.07.15Topic | Shenzhen DRC and SZSTC Delegation Led by Shenzhen’s Deputy Mayor Tang Jie Visits Inovance

On July 10, 2014, a delegation of heads from Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Economy, Trade and Information Commission, Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee, and Shenzhen Market and Quality Supervisory Commission led by Shenzhen’s Deputy Mayor Tang Jie visited Inovance.

During the visit, Board Chairman of Inovance Zhu Xingming discussed two issues with Mr. Tang: 1. Inovance’s demand for land for its office, R&D and production facilities; 2. Promoting the use of elevator IOT in Shenzhen.

Mr. Tang highly praised Inovance’s growth and urged relevant departments to solve problems for high-growth companies such as Inovance. As for the land issue, deputy director of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission Zhu Jianping gave us suggestions on solving the problem and the contact of the administration. Deputy chief of the special equipment division of Shenzhen Market Supervisory Bureau outlined the promotion of the elevator IOT in Shenzhen. Currently, four companies are interested in participating in the elevator IOT project, including Inovance as the major drafter of the Technical Specification of Shenzhen Elevator Operating Monitor System and the mainstay in the development of the project. Mr. Tang urged the Market and Quality Supervisory Commission and Development and Reform Commission to increase communication with Inovance and required solid progress in the development of the elevator IOT project in Shenzhen. Moreover, he suggested that Inovance cooperate with relevant companies to formulate industry policies for the elevator IOT development. 




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