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Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd. is a public company (Stock code: 300124) which focuses on R&D, manufacture and sales of industrial automation control products, aiming to serve high-end equipment manufacturers.

Inovance products include low-voltage inverters, integrated and special drivers, servo systems, PLCs and HMIs, etc. With strong R&D capabilities, we have established a leading position among all domestic companies in the industry since our establishment in 2003. We are now providing not only general but also customized products and solutions for our customers.

As a national high-tech corporate, Inovance has mastered various core platform technologies, covering high-performance vector frequency conversion, PLCs, servo motors and PMSMs. Until December 31th, 2012, we have possessed 119 authorized patents, including 11 invention patents, 77 utility model patents and 31 design patents. In addition, we have submitted applications of 146 patents to the State Intellectual Property Office, including 110 invention patents, 35 utility model patents and 1 design patents. Currently, we have a total of 1,834 employees. Among them, 492 are professional R&D experts who dedicate themselves to research and development of core platform technologies, application technologies and new products.